Skills Academy

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a Distance Learning College. Their biggest belief is that everyone has the right to access quality education. They offer various courses, from beauty, project management, computer courses and tourism. The possibilities are endless. Gain valuable work experience while you study. Students get to enjoy quality education in the comfort of their own home!

The Benefits of Distance Learning at Skills Academy?

Distance learning may seem like a scary concept at first. But Skills Academy tries to make the experience as easy as possible.

Your Studies on Your Time

With Skills Academy you can plan your studies around your time. You will be able to work, gain valuable experience and obtain official training. They courier all your study material- once you get your study material you can get the ball rolling. Your studies on your terms.

Cut out the Costs

Because you won’t be class bound you won’t have to spend extra money on travelling costs. No more worries about catching that train or taxi or whether you’re running ten minutes late.
Skills Academy knows that fees are one of the main reasons students opt to not study. Because of this they offer students the opportunity to structure their own payments making sure nothing will stand in your way!


Worried that you’ll have to do it all on your own? Skills Academy has you covered. Students will be able to access assistance through friendly consultants and tutors who are always ready and willing to help. Skills Academy also offers online study platforms in collaboration with Together We Pass.

With all these great benefits you’ll be guaranteed to succeed.

Entry Requirements

What makes Skills Academy different? Their commitment to providing education to all. Because of this they have numerous courses you can enrol into without a matric! To enrol all you need is to ability to understand and write in English. 

Entry requirements will vary depending on which course you enrol into. Skills Academy also offers  accredited courses and for these the entry requirements may differ. To find the right fit for you click here for more information.

Skills Academy believes nothing should hold you back from pursuing your dreams!

Ready to Take the Leap? It’s so Easy!

Invest in your future and contact us today!

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Whatsapp us on 082 318 8892
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Last Updated: March 2, 2020

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