What is a Diploma?

Technically, a diploma is the piece of paper showing that you have earned a particular qualification. However, people also use the term “diploma” to describe the nature of a qualification.

In South Africa, diplomas are post-school qualifications that are career-orientated. This means that they generally prepare you for a specific line of work, and provide you with knowledge and skills that you can apply in practice.

A diploma usually builds on the knowledge that you have gained in a previous qualification, such as a certificate programme. Diploma courses are normally shorter than full degree programmes.

Project Management Diploma

Shiela just received her Project Management Diploma. There are various diploma options in Project Management. If you have already completed a short course or certificate in project management, it would make sense to look for a diploma that covers the more advanced aspects. If you have no previous qualifications in project management, you might want to consider doing a certificate course first, or you could look for an entry-level diploma. You can study towards a project management diploma at a college, university, or other academic institution that offers post-school education.

For students with bachelor’s degrees or advanced diplomas in project management or relevant fields, there is the option of studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. This is a very valuable qualification, which focuses on strategic management and advanced management skills. Postgraduate diplomas are usually offered by universities.

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