Project Management Definition: the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in project activities to meet project requirements.

The term project management is sometimes used to describe an organisational or managerial approach to managing projects and some operations.

The wikipedia definition states that “Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.” Source: Wikipedia

Defining Project management:

  • Skills – Experience and knowledge reduces risks in any project improving chances for success
  • Tools – there are various tools available to use eg. Gantt chart, document templates, planning software, registers, modeling software, review forms, audit checks etc.
  • Processes – Techniques and processes are required to monitor and control time, cost, quality and scope of projects

What is a project?

An objective made up of defined processes and tasks that will run in a set period of time within a budget and resources.

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Characteristics of projects:

  • Unique in nature
  • Defined timescale
  • Approved budget
  • Limited resources
  • Element of risk
  • Achieve beneficial change

Characteristics of the process of a project:

  • Defined boundaries
  • Outcome
  • Value-adding
  • In line with business goals

Project Management Definition

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