Interested in studying project management, but not sure where you can study? There are so many options available to you! You just have to find the choice that suits you best.

Are you thinking of studying further, but don’t have the time or energy to sit in a classroom staring at a white board? Or maybe you are already in the project management sector and want to upgrade your skills? Then Distance learning is the best choice for you! Distance learning gives students the opportunity to earn money while they learn and gain valuable work experience.

Matric College is dedicated to providing their trainees high quality, distance learning education. Matric College has a series of bookkeeping, financial management courses available to learners. Their primary objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their objective to guarantee that all of their trainees are provided the scholastic support that he or she needs to succeed. Everything they do at Matric College is based on their belief that everyone has the right to study. You can improve your skills, work much better, faster and become more efficient.

Skills Academy is a distance learning college that offers a variety of courses that are focused on developing your skills. They have looked at the distance learning experience and have done their best to make sure the experience will be as painless and comfortable as possible! Skills Academy wants whats best for their students. Because of this they have a pay as you study policy . What does this mean? You only pay for the time you study as you go through your course. Once you complete your course you stop paying. Do a project management course at Skills Academy and upgrade your skills today!

Careers Page

Not sure if project management is the right career path for you? Settling on a career path is one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do and can be very stressful! Have a look at Skills Academy’s career page to make your decision easier. You will find a variety of careers you can go into after studying specific courses. This page consists of the ten top career industries that people often look into. You will also find information on what a career is and how to choose the career best suited for you. Below are the top careers we have focused on.

  • HR 
  • Marketing 
  • IT
  • Beauty 
  • Tourism 
  • Accounting 
  • Child Care 
  • Management 
  • Photography 
  • Office

Project Management Careers

Project management is one of the most popular course options at Skills Academy. To go into this career, you will look at the management careers page. There you will get a basic understanding on what a manager is, what their estimated earnings are and the general duties of a manager. On this page you will be introduced to the top four job opportunities in this career. 

  • Project Manager 
  • Business Manager
  • Sales Manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 

To find out more about being a project manager, you simply click on the link. On this page you will get an in depth look into what it means to be a project manager. The purpose of the role is explained, it will also tell you what characteristics you will need, what skills, the duties you can look into having as well as the different industries you can go into as a project manager. To make it even easier for you, there is a brief outline on what course you will need to study to become a project manager.

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