What does a Project Manager do?

Normally a project manager will lead a project and will be fully responsible for meeting its objectives. The project manager will be the leader of the project team and will be responsible for ensuring the completion of the following in a timely way:
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  • Gaining approval for the project aim and terms of reference
  • Selecting and leading the team and setting individual goals
  • Ensuring a feasibility study is complete
  • Ensuring that the project is planned in proper detail
  • Allocating and monitoring the work and cost
  • Motivating the team
  • Reporting progress back to the organisation
  • Helping the team to solve project problems
  • Achieve, through the team, the goals
  • Reviewing and closing down

Project Management Careers are available in most industries.

Almost every industry makes use of project managers. You will find employment in both the private and public sector. Projects are ventures that occur outside of the company’s normal everyday operations. In order to be successful and economically viable, companies will take on new projects to expand their business and clientele. This is where project managers will step in and lend a hand.

South Africa is part of a dynamic, resourceful and ever evolving world that demands change as part of its survival. Change demands projects and projects demand project managers.

Someone said “If you go to the desert with a Ferrari you will fail, you need the tools which enable you to control and monitor flexible delivery” – this is what project management is all about. If you look at the IT, building and construction, mining and engineering industries alone, there are many job opportunities that come to mind. Government services such as water, electricity, roads, and community projects – the opportunities are endless.

 Project Management Governing Bodies

Project Management governing bodies APMSAThe Association for Project Management South Africa is a non-profit company whose mission is to promote professional Project Management in South Africa. Visit them at:http://www.apmsa.org.za/

PMSA– Project Management South Africa (formerly known as PMISA): visit them at:www.projectmanagement.org.za/default.aspx

What to find out where you can study project management courses? Click on the link below to view a list of distance learning colleges.


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