Want Project Management As A Career Path?

Its future outlook is one of the most important things to consider. After all, you want to work in a field that grows steadily and can weather a bad economy. Read on to find out what the future outlook for project managers is and how you can stay competitive.

A job’s future outlook is one of the most important factors a person thinks of when deciding his or hercareer path. In addition to choosing something you love to do, you also want it to thrive and prosper. You want a career that gives you ample opportunities to grow but can alsoweathera sinking economy.

With project management, you needn’t worry. Its future outlook remains bright. According to wetfeet.com, “the field of project management is incredibly hot…the outlook might be brightest for PMs in the biotech and high-tech arenas.”

What Determines the Outlook of a Career Path?

A career path is a person’s progress in his or her career development. Each employee starts at one level in his or her job and gradually grows into higher levels, depending on education, experience, skill and excellence. A career path serves as a plan for someone’s future, but the future doesn’t always pan out as planned.

The job outlook, or the prosperity and availability of a certain job, can be determined using market research and statistics. It offers the expected growth rate of a job and helps people in deciding their careers.

Several factors determine the job outlook of a career. They include economy and industry trends. Because each industry has a need for project managers, becoming a PM may be a great career path for those wanting jobs with steady growth rate.

Project Management As A Career Path

Why does Project Management Have a Bright Outlook?

It Can Be Applied Across Industries

All industries have projects and need project managers to coordinate them. Whether it is construction, software or healthcare, they all need leaders to manage their teams, estimate and budget, and make sure that everything gets done.

If you are a skilled worker in a specific industry, you have the opportunity to move easily into a PM role. For example, after some PM training, a software developer can become an ITproject manager due to his or her technical expertise. Right now, there is a huge demand for qualified Project Managers in South Africa, project management opportunities depend on the number of projects taking place.

Average Salary across Project Management Career Path

Job TitleAverage Salary
Materials Planner12,000 ZAR
Business Development Specialist12,000 ZAR
Project Planner12,500 ZAR
Skills Development Facilitator16,525 ZAR
Business Development Coordinator18,000 ZAR
Capacity Planner18,725 ZAR
Business Advisor20,852 ZAR
Merchandise Planner21,000 ZAR
Research Officer23,000 ZAR
Project Manager23,551 ZAR
Business Consultant26,438 ZAR
Business Analyst26,810 ZAR
Business Development27,600 ZAR
Research Assistant32,000 ZAR
Operations Analyst34,400 ZAR
Business Development Manager41,927 ZAR
Top Research and Development Executive108,333 ZAR


Advantages of your qualification

Credentials that set You apart:

If you’ve gone through the process of obtaining a PMP Certification, you have a standardized knowledge set – and the credentials to prove it. When applying for a job against competitors, having the credentials in hand will put you ahead of those who don’t.

Benefit the Company with Exclusive Knowledge

The standardized knowledge set you will acquire through the certification process will give you the best practices to aid your company in managing any given project effectively.

Earn a higher salary

PMP certified project managers receive an average starting salary of R23, 551 a year. Conjointly, overall PMP credentials will gain you a 20 percent increase in salary over non-credentialed project managers with similar qualifications.

Helps You to Evaluate Potential Employees and Team Members

Let’s face it; we’ve all had teams that for whatever reason did not work together as a cohesive group. By obtaining a PMP certification, you will learn valuable skills that will in turn help you to evaluate whether or not that potential team member will be able to work well with everyone or not.

Provides you with Greater Job Opportunities

Like every profession, project management is a field with some job opportunities only available to those with PMP certification. In fact, there are about 20 percent more openings than there are credentialed employees available – that sounds like good odds to me.

You Will Have More Efficient Projects

Because having a PMP certification hands you a set of tools to utilize in building efficient projects, you can improve the efficiency and productivity in all your project experiences.

Gain Invaluable Experience

Because you must work through various situations you may not be familiar with in your own work environment, you will gain experience on how to solve complex and diverse project problems.

Make a Career Switch in the same field

If you’ve been looking to make a career switch, PMP credentials can help you to do that. By gaining a credential where you might lack years of experience, you can start at the gates with a higher position and salary than otherwise you would be capable of.

It challenges You

Honestly, finally getting that PMP certification will not be the easiest thing you will do in your career — but it will challenge you in a good way. You will gain self-confidence, knowledge, and connections you wouldn’t otherwise have.

The PMP certification is renowned throughout the world. Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of PMI certifications; achieving the globally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) certification will provide evidence of an individual’s knowledge, experience and ability to successfully manage a project.

It improves the way an individual manages a project.

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