Not the Matric Results you wanted? If you did not get the Matric Results you really wanted, you still have numerous choices to study with our failed Matric correspondence study courses

Bachelors Pass

Your University application may still be rejected if you got your Bachelors Pass. A few of our universities have up to 10 times more candidates than readily available seats for first-year students. So your Bachelors Pass does not guarantee you a position at a university.

Every education provider sets its own entrance requirements. And the requirements for various domains of study will also be various. For instance, the entrance criteria to become a medical doctor is different from the entrance criteria to end up being a legal practitioner.

Did you get a rejection letter from the university where you applied? Make certain you comprehend why you were turned down. Do you require better marks? Do you have to proper subjects? Did you apply too late?

You need to begin investigating the options. Consider a different course– there are numerous various courses in the area you wish to study. Interested in business studies? Then you have much more alternatives than a B.Comm. degree. Studying to CIMA or ACCA or an ICB certification likewise gets you started on a business career. The year is not lost, you can still apply at a various academic institution.

Diploma Pass

A Diploma Pass implies that you can apply to study a Diploma course. You can study at a TVET or FET College. Or do a Diploma course at a University or University of Technology.

There are lots of personal training organisations offering Diploma studies. If you apply as soon as you have your outcomes, you might extremely well still get entry at one of these organizations.

Certificate Pass

With your Certificate Pass you can study at a TVET or FET College. You can study at an organization providing the Trades; for instance a Beauty School, Chef School or IT College.

When it pertains to getting a work, then courses for a career-related course will assist you a lot. The Certificate courses are frequently intended at teaching you ways to operate in a specific employment. When your training includes useful work, that makes you job-ready.


If you believe your examination was marked unfairly and you think you can get a higher mark if it was re-marked, then apply to have one or more of your exam papers re-marked.

You can apply to have it re-checked if you believe not all the points were marked. That implies a check that all your points have been marked. As well as a check that the marks have been counted properly.

Note the fee and the deadline. You should apply instantly as soon as you have your results if you really want to apply for one of these alternatives. Applications for this will close in the next two weeks.

Flopped a couple of subjects? You can obtain the additional exams

If you failed no more than 2 subjects, you can apply to write a supplementary examination. If you were clinically unsuited to write the examinations in November, you can also apply for supplemental exams. You should have evidence of this through a letter from your medical professional.

If you did not satisfy the admission requirements for higher education, you can also apply for additional examinations.

The cut-off for applications for the supplementary examinations will remain in the next two weeks. So you should act immediately when you have the outcomes.

The supplemental examinations are written in February and March. And the outcomes are published to the end of April.

Re-do your Matric

If you do not qualify for a supplemental exam, you can re-do Matric. And your school will have the new Matric class that they need to get room for.

If you understand why you did not get the results you wished for, and you know that another year at school will make a genuine improvement, then call your school and get another year.

If you are looking for alternatives to continue with your studies, look into our failed Matric correspondence study courses.

Private Education

They are frequently not as expensive as a full-time university. You will get an option of local as well as global qualifications.

Due to the fact that they must contend for your business, sometimes the service you get in private education is much better. Private education providers certainly do not wish to lose you.

Part-Time Studies

For the first-year student who needs to work and study at the exact same time, private distance studying is a good option. It also works as an alternative for students who can not get a seat in a full-time learning organization.

If you can not enter into the organization you hoped for, you could still study a career related course in 2017. No have to quit on your study dreams.

Fees and expenses

Universities will charge you study fees, as well as give you a list of books you should purchase. The books are not consisted of in your study fees.

With personal distance studying, generally all your costs are included. But you still have to take responsibility for understanding all the expenses. If the course they use has an external exam, or if it is connected to a professional institute, there can be additional institute fees and exam costs.

Study something that does not require Matric

Matric is an entry to additional studies. It does not prepare you for any job or career. You can do career-orientated studies without Matric.

I work for Skills Academy, and here are some of the career directions where you can begin your courses without Matric:

With Matric College you can study the following courses without Matric:

    • ICB Courses
    • Matric Courses
    • Accredited Courses
    • NATED Courses
    • Adult Matric Course
    • Beauty Therapy 
    • Educare and Childcare 
    • Tourism and Guesthouse
    • Events and Wedding Planning 

Study Online Matric and further your studies. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)

Scarce Skills

Scarce Skills are skills that have actually been identified as being in high need.

The type of employments where South Africa have a lack of proficient individuals are: Trainee Accountant, Debt Collector, Finance Manager, Management Consultant, Office Administrator, General Accountant, General Clerk, Accounts Clerk and Payroll Clerk.

These positions have actually been recognized by FASSET (the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services), in their Scarce Skills Guide 2015.

What Qualifications can you study to a Scarce Skill?

With Matric College there are fully accredited courses you can take to improve your skills, and the good news is that you can do these courses from home through distance learning.

You can begin an ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) certification at below-Matric level. This suggests that entryway to the course is easy. The ICB provides a variety of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Office Administration, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship certifications.

These certifications are recognized by FASSET. And in South Africa you will get that many employers recognise the ICB and understand.

The ICB qualifications are provided by home course colleges and academies. This makes it available to full-time first-year students, in addition to working grownups who have to study while they also have a full-time profession in the daytime.

Office Administration– A Scarce Skill

In the FASSET list of scarce skills professions, you will also get Office Administrator and General Clerk. The days when “secretary” was a low-level, low paying occupation, is over.

Today we call these people Office Administrators. And they are typically the heart that keeps the organisation going. These are the people that ensure the organisational operations function successfully day after day.

They are accountable for a large range of jobs … from things as simple as doing administrative jobs (filing, typing, basic research study), to complex duties like directing Operational Departments in larger companies.

An Office Administration qualification from the ICB offers you a well-rounded background in all the basic management domains of a company. It can set you on the course to management with works like Administrative Manager, Office Manager or perhaps Public Relations Manager. It will help you see all the various profession path choices in front of you.

Ways to get qualified

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) qualifications use a method in for any person. You can start at NQF3 level if you don’t have Matric (like the majority of South Africans). You can work you way up from there. The highest qualification you can attain is NQF level 6. That is a qualification two levels higher than Matric.

2 of the top qualifications are:

  1. National Diploma: Financial Accounting
  2. National Diploma: Office Administration

There is a method for first-year students who never ever total Matric, to get recognized, recognised certifications at NQF6 or National Diploma level.

I work for Skills Academy. We are among many colleges who offer these qualifications in conjunction with the ICB. We are a Home Study College, so we assist individuals who have to work and study at the very same time.

Here is our ICB Bookkeeping and Accounting Qualifications page.

Here is our ICB Office Administration Qualifications page.

About the Author:

Jan Badenhorst works as the CEO of  Skills Academy. Skills Academy offers Home Study Courses to people who never completed Matric, or who can not get entry into Universities.

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Last Updated: 11 January 2022

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